How to Buy NFT Domains

What are NFT Domains?

NFT Domains are human-readable names that we can assign to our crypto wallet. But first, you need to buy your NFT Domains to achieve that. So we’ll try to answer a few questions to ease this process.

The same as we use traditional web domains instead of IP addresses to access a website, we can use NFT domain names to send and receive crypto coins or NFTs instead of large and impossible-to-remember wallet addresses.

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How to use NFT Domains?

These NFT Domains are also used as the way to authenticate ourselves in web3 apps such as metaverse. This is similar to how we use nowadays email and passwords to log in to any website or app, but much easier to use.

We’ll be using our NFT domain in the near future without anything else. The only need to use it is an extension to link our browser or our smartphone to our wallets, like Metamask or Coinbase Wallet, to prove your ownership.

So if you get a good NFT domain soon, you will have your name handler with you on all-new adventures that web3 and metaverses will bring on.

What are .eth or .bitcoin domain extensions?

Surely you have seen a lot of people using this dot eth, dot bitcoin, dot wallet, dot x, and so many others on several sites or social networks. Those are NFT domain extensions. Eth is the short form of Ethereum and should be used to link with Ethereum wallets. Consequently, .bitcoin domain names should be associated with your bitcoin wallet.

Other crypto domain extensions are more general-use, like .crypto or .wallet

How are NFT domain names different from traditional domain names?

Traditional domain names using extensions like .com, or .net to mention a few, are used to point to web pages, require registering them at an official domain name registrar, controlled by centralized servers on the internet, and a renewal fee every year.

NFT domain names are used to point to crypto wallets address and, as any other NFT, are hosted at the blockchain. This means that nothing changes until its owner transfers it. So, they are decentralized, and in some cases, as we will share with you if you read until the end of this post, there is no need for any yearly renewal fee, only a one-time buy.

Why now buy NFT Domain names?

Despite the ease of using your NFT Domain name instead of your crypto wallet address, recently, we can see every day more people doing this new trend of changing your Twitter name for your crypto domain, so everybody will know that you are in cryptos!

We can say that using your web3 domain as your Instagram or Twitter name is the new using your crypto ape as your avatar image.

Also noteworthy is that it is the best moment to buy your own NFT domain because it is something new. Mostly done by crypto early adopters, and you’ll be able to buy your web3 domain before anyone else buy it, and it’s gone forever. There is a lot of momentum for buying crypto domains.

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