Web 3

What is web3?

Web3, also known as the decentralized web, is a new iteration of the internet powered by blockchain technology. Unlike the current web, which is centralized and controlled by a few large companies, web3 is decentralized and allows for greater control and ownership over data.

What are the key aspects of web3?

One of the key features of web3 is the use of smart contracts. These are self-executing contracts, with the terms of the agreement between buyer and seller written into lines of code. This eliminates the need for intermediaries, such as banks or lawyers, and allows faster and more secure transactions.

Another important aspect of web3 is the ability for users to own and control their own data. In the current web, our personal data is often collected and sold by large companies without our knowledge or consent. With web3, individuals can choose to share their data only with those they trust, giving them greater control over their online presence.

Web3 also has the potential to democratize access to information and opportunities. With the use of blockchain technology, web3 can create decentralized marketplaces and platforms that allow for equal participation and competition. This can lead to a more inclusive and fair online ecosystem.

So how will web3 shape the future of the internet? Here are some of the most useful questions and answers:

How is web3 different from the current internet?

Web3 is different from the current internet because it is decentralized and powered by blockchain technology. This allows for greater control and ownership over data, as well as the ability to create smart contracts and decentralized marketplaces.

What are the benefits of web3?

The benefits of web3 include faster and more secure transactions, greater control and ownership over data, and the potential to democratize access to information and opportunities.

How will web3 impact the way we use the internet?

Web3 has the potential to significantly impact the way we use the internet by giving individuals greater control over their online presence and allowing for equal participation in online marketplaces and platforms.

What is the future of web3?

The future of web3 is still uncertain, but it can potentially disrupt and transform the current internet ecosystem significantly. As more people and companies adopt and integrate web3 technology, we can expect to see more decentralized applications and platforms emerge.

Overall, web3 is an exciting development that has the potential to improve the way we use the internet greatly. By giving individuals greater control over their data and creating a more decentralized and inclusive online ecosystem, web3 has the potential to shape the future of the internet.

NFT Domains

How to make money with NFT domains

First of all, are people really making money with web3 domain names? If so, how can you make money with NFT domains too? Let’s face it.

How to make money with domains?

Let’s be clear, speculating with domain names is something almost as old as the Internet. The same way you can buy real estate or land property and flip it for a profit the same occurs with domain names. Good examples of that are which was sold for the mind-blowing amount of $827M. Yes, you are reading it right. But there’re dozens of examples of “traditional” domains that were sold by +10M USD. But the business doesn’t stop here. The options are endless: register new domains and sell them, buy domain names and word on them to bring in some traffic to increase their price, buy and resell expired domains…

Out there are several companies that this is their business model. And almost all of the domain name registrars offer domain flipping services, domain brokerage, escrow services…

Make money with NFT domains too

If you are reading this, you’ll probably know that NFTs were created to make a profit. And with all the mentioned before about domain names, it’s obvious that NFT domains name can make more money easier. If you want to know more about what are or how to buy them, I’ll love our article on how to buy NFT domains.

The way is even simpler. When you bought an NFT domain such as .eth or .bitcoin domain name, you already own a property registered in the blockchain. So, the same way any other NFT is sold for a profit on sites like OpenSea, like bored apes, for instance, you can sell your own NFT domain name. This is how you can make money with NFT domains. Simple as that.

How to sell NFT domain names with Unstoppable Domains or OpenSea

Once again, EZ. NFT domains are sold exactly the same as any other NFT. You only need to link your wallet before. Then, go to OpenSea marketplace, head to Sell and select the NFT and its price.

From here, there is a process called minting, a term very used in the NFT ecosystem. Mint is the process to “upload” an NFT to the blockchain so you can sell it. If you want to take step by step process, I’d recommend you go to the following link.

Unstoppable Domains offer Premium NFT domains selections with the very best premium NFT curated for you. Ready to buy to make a profit from them or simply flex them on the social networks. It’s up to your swag!

Know more about NFT domain name profit possibilities

One of our favorite YouTubers, Matt Garcia, made an awesome video with deep research on what was the best-selling premium NFT domain names. But not only that, he analyzes the reasons behind it, so you can take an invaluable knowledge. I really encourage you to watch it. This is pure data and no bullshit.