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Are NFT domains indexed by Google?

Are NFT Domains indexed by Google? This is a very common and reasonable question regarding how NFT domains work.

Let’s explain how crypto domains and search engines work together.

Are Non-Fungible Token domains being indexed by Google?

The short answer here is straightforward: No. Or, at least, not yet. The reason behind that is that since the crypto domains or Ethereum address extensions like eth domains or crypto domains are not recognized as top-level domains by the Assigned Numbers Authority IANA. This authority manages the first-level domain and IP address assignations, and major search engines will not index them.

This situation implies multiple things; for example, it will be harder for users to access content under one of those blockchain domains. Users can’t simply Google the content they want to access if it uses an Ethereum domain name.

Is important to remember, as we explained in the following post: how to buy NFT domains? They didn’t create NFT domains for use as traditional domains, ex: use as a domain for your website, so achieving this would need further changes to how the whole Internet works.

NFT Search Engines: NooFT

The Internet is constantly evolving, adapting to new technologies and how the users want to use them. One of the best recent examples is the creation of new NFT search engines. Following the same principles as any other search engine, for example, Google, NFT Search Engines index nft domains and allow search content stored in the blockchain. So, in the near future, we will be able to find content within a public blockchain.

The first known NFT search engine is NooFT combining this searching capability with others like marketplaces. At this moment, NooFT is just a project, but they will release the first beta version by the end of 2022.

So we hope for a great future for all the technologies related to NFT and blockchain in general, but this is pretty exciting for NFT search engines. Maybe we will need to change the answer to whether Google indexes NFT domains?

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